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Scrambling Looking at the world development trend of electric cars

Time: 2012-12-10      Source:      Views:9474


According to the state council on the shandong peninsula blue ocean economic zone development planning "approval opinion and the provincial party committee and government work plan, set up in shandong province, shandong peninsula blue ocean economic zone and set up special funds to support the blue ocean economic zone project construction and efficient ecological economic zone development.

In 2011, the state stir special fund 1.6 billion yuan, the financial capital of shandong province and the provincial capital of fund, the provincial development and reform commission, the financial common financing management the funds, the project administrative region division include: Qingdao, yantai, weihai city, weifang, rizhao city, binzhou and dongying city seven cities, special fund arranging use to grasp the direction, to highlight the importance and focus into, efficiency first, the principle of fairness.

Blue ocean economic zone to fund support project: new energy, new information, new technology, new medicine and ocean development projects and other emerging industry. Guide the ocean chemical industry cluster development, consolidate the big province salt industry status, optimization of the salt chemical industry organization structure and industrial structure, and actively promote local salt chemical backbone enterprise and salt in corporation and renmin cooperation, promoting the integration of salt chemical demonstration project, the formation of a high-end products to the industry new advantages and set up the ocean chemical and salt chemical industry base.



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